Milgard will have a price increase August 2nd 6-10%.

All orders must be ordered by Friday July 30th by 1:00 PM.

Milgard Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Window

A popular style for contemporary homes, sliders are typically used for bedroom requiring egress. They can be combined with picture windows for larger unique window configurations.

All windows viewed from the exterior
"X" is the moving panel, "O" is the fixed panel


Custom Size Nail-On Frame/
Block Frame/Sloped Sill Adapter/Flush Fin



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  • Heavy-duty nylon rollers allow even large windows to glide effortlessly.
  • Polypropylene weather-stripping keeps out the rain, wind and dust.
  • Heavy-duty, aesthetically pleasing positive-action lock for added security.
  • AAMA C-25 structural rating.
      EGRESS: Half Vent 4036 - Double Vent 6036 with 24" vents (2036 operating vent size)
                  Single Vent 5036 with 24" vents (2036 operating vent size).
  • WINDOWS OVER 40 SQ. FT. may require field glazing; verify sizing & glazing
      costs with us.
  • DOUBLE VENT & SINGLE VENT: Vent settings MUST BE SPECIFIED when ordering
      windows -   12, 1 8, 21, 24, 30, 36 or special. Use the following guidelines when
      selecting your  vent setting:
      Double Vent: Vent settings wider than 1/3 of the total window width are not
      available, vent widths over  1/4 of the total window width will not allow both vents to
      fully open at the same time.
      Half Vent and Single Vent width cannot exceed one half of total window width.