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Milgard Windows in Portland, OR

Frame Material
1st Windows Portland knows your material of choice is a decision that defines the looks and functionality. Milgard windows offers vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. The fiberglass can be painted without voiding the warranty. Vinyl windows are known to be maintenance-free. Aluminum windows and doors can be configured to almost any design. Fiberglass window frames have excellent insulation properties.

Window Design and Style
1st Windows Portland can help you choose a design that will compliment your overall theme. There are various operating styles that you can pick from, including single hung, double hung, casement, awning, sliders, and more. Horizontal slider and single-hung windows can slide to open, letting in fresh air without taking too much space. Stationary awnings and casing models have a swinging hinge that provides better airflow, offering maximum ventilation for your room. Picture windows are perfect for letting in plenty of natural light into your home.

We offer many types of glass for privacy ranging from standard obscured, rain, reed, glue chip, Matelux to name a few. The type of privacy glass is dictated.


See what Gabrielle said about their Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Thank you

Wonderful service and beautiful windows.

Wright282 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Great service changing out glass

The technicians arrived and worked very efficiently. They changed out the glass in both our sliding doors in no time. Great service.

13215 's Milgard windows.       4 out of 5 stars!

Some issues with the procressing of my request

The initial process for reporting a problem and requesting a service call was quite cumbersome. After filling out the online request form, I received an email requesting that I provide much of the same information that I already had provided. I was never contacted by phone until after I was able to resolve my issue via email. I was then told, via email, that I would be contacted 2-3 business days prior to my appointment date at the phone number that was provided on the request form. The phone number that was provided was my cell phone as I am normally not at home during normal business hours. Your representative left a message on my HOME phone advising of the 2 hour window within which I could expect the service technician to arrive.It is fortunate that I arrived home early as I was told my 2 hour window was between 10:30am to 12:30pm. Your technician arrived at 10am. While it was nice that he arrived early, he was not prepared to make the required repairs. He was told that the hinges were faulty, when in fact, I was specific in my request that the crank had failed and could not close the window without pushing from the outside. There he stood in my doorway, hinges in hand. It was lucky that he had a replacement crank in his truck and was able to make the necessary repairs.The technician was very courteous and was able to resolve my problem easily, once he knew what the real problem was.While I am very pleased with your warranty coverage, your customer service response to my request left a little to be desired.Thank you!

Stevie76 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Excellent service

Did all communication by email because waiting on the phone took too long. Took a few days to get an initial response but overall was satisfied with response times. Took about five weeks from first contact to the window being replaced.

Repair person arrived on time and was very professional. Had the window replaced in less that a half hour. Used a drop cloth and cleaned up after the job was completed.

Very satisfied with Milgard Windows. They stand behind their work and will honor their warranties.

Bluesailing 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Service tech did a great job and was very fast

Milgard is a great company and they stand behind there products. I had a problem with the dual glazing on one Bow window the seals broke after a few years. So I call Milgard and with in a few weeks the problem was fixed! Great customer service. I wish all companies backed there products the way Milgard does. Thank you

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