Milgard will have a price increase 6-10%. All orders must be ordered by Friday February 11th to avoid the increase.

Orders must be completed by Friday Febuary 11th before 1:00 PM.

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Milgard Windows in Mammoth, CA

Why buy Milgard in Mammoth
1stWindows sells Milgard Windows in Mammoth. With 1stWindows Mammoth you can choose from many different types of frame materials designed to complement almost all types of architecture. Whether you are doing a full home remodel, new construction, or replacement, Milgard has windows and doors should have the shape and size you're looking for.

California Title 24
1stWindows Mammoth will want to verify your Title 24 report with you. It is important that you meet or exceed the requirements that are specified on your plans or the over the counter permit. The energy code is an important aspect of your project.

Breather Tubes
Due to the high altitude you must have breather tubes in every Milgard window and door in Mammoth. These tubes let your windows equalize as they go up the mountain. When breather tubes are inserted and we have Title 24 requirements then sometimes we need to use an extra coating of Low E to make sure you comply with the state energy code.


See what Anonymous said about their Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!


Submitted the request only online and there was quite a delay before I heard back. However once the process started it went very well! Warranty service with Milgard is everything it is advertised to be - awesome!

Richie 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

The staff at Milgard were professional and quick!

The Service Rep on the phone was warm and professional. She was very patient while I was writing down the order number from my affected window. I am just amazed how each window have different order numbers and they refered to Milgard's database of window dimensions, window type (low-E), frame type, etc. This system gives us convienience when the technicians make only one visit to our house! The technicians are professional and neat and they get the job done in minutes!! Thank you!!

m35a2 's Milgard windows.       3 out of 5 stars!

Coulda done it myself

On 4 of the 6 casement style windows I have, the plastic spacers between the hinge halves are missing allowing the window todrop down a bit and not close all the way and stick. The window only hits in the lower outside corner. If I pushed the window up on the hinge, back to the spot that it would be in if the little spacers were there, the window closes fine. The tech came out, looked at the hinges and told my wife the window had house had just settled a bit, I was out working. He proceded to use a cats paw pry bar and "tweek" the window 'till it closed. I coulda done that. In my opinion, it's not a proper repair. The hinges are failing, the plastic parts of the hinges are cracking and falling off. The hinges should be replaced, but, the windows do have a lifetime warranty, so I guess as long as they work, it's all good, right? In the attached pics you can see the difference in a good and failed hinge. Also, the "tweek" he did is a patsc. On the completely failed windows, the top now has twice the space as the bottom of the window. Now that the hinge is metal on metal, I fear in the near future the whole bottom side of the window will hit the sill.

Lorraine 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

I love Milgard!

I was more than impressed with Milgard's support team. They sent a technician to measure the windows to be replaced and then scheduled the replacement of the windows within a week. They were responsive, responsible, and professional. My windows are absolutely beautiful. I have another building that needs windows replaced and I am so in awe of Milgard's guarantee that I will definitely buy the Milgard windows for the other building later this year.

Monaco 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

My first dealings with Milgard repair service and could not be happier.

I am a property manager for a 28 unit complex. We have changed about half of our units to new Milgard windows. We spent a little more per window but the Milgard warranties and aftercare was well worth every penny.

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