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Milgard Windows in Lake Arrowhead, CA

1st Windows Lake Arrowhead has sold many projects in the area. Make sure to watch your Title-24 requirements and to add breather tubes for the high altitude. In many cases i89 will have to be added to 4 surface of your glass. This is the inside piece of glass the nearest to the inside. This would be the panel your cleaning on the inside of the house when cleaning your windows.

In Lake Arrowhead the new Trinsic with the cap stock color seems to be getting popular. This cap stock seems to hold up better than painted vinyl or painted Aluminum.

Popularity Milgard seems to be the most popular brand for windows in Lake Arrowhead. Milgard Ultra and Milgard Trinsic seem to be the favorites for now and probably the near future.


See what cynthia11 said about their Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

I love Milgard!

Hi There. I think Greg (the guy who comes to Boulder) was the Milgard rep who helped me. He was great!

DP5280 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Service was spot on

Ben Ansteth Arrived on time, surveyed the work and got right to it.In and out very quickly. Great to talk to and clean work.

Krav2 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Excellent service

Even though this is the second time for the same problem, I am still a Milgard fan

Chris1995 's Milgard windows.       4 out of 5 stars!

Overall Satisfied

Took several weeks and several emails to get a response back from Milguard and the first appointment was rescheduled for a month later, but once the technician arrived, he was very professional & very prompt with replacing our window Payne. He also noticed that the lower tracks in two of our large sliding windows were installed backwards and he fixed those and lubricated the rollers. Those two windows now open and close much easier now. Thanks Tom.

Rich111 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!


Some of our windows were a couple of months out of warranty and showed signs of leakage, the rep said they would cover it, and they did. Everyone was extremely professional and on time. Highly recommend

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