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San Diego

Increase Property Value
Milgard vinyl windows are often listed on the home description when selling a house. They are seen as enhanced value that that is why many realtors use the Milgard name in the MLS listing. Why not do the windows now and enjoy them while knowing you helped your home if and when you decide to sell your home?

Milgard Vinyl
Milgard (PVC) windows blend the energy efficiency and low maintenance into its vinyl frame components and are made from high performance polyvinyl chloride, available in white or tan, and also painted exterior colors. with adobe available in select regions or premium painted upgrade window frames. Mitered corners are precision welded resulting in an air and water tight seal.

Milgard Screens
Milgard Screens are cambered aluminum, reinforced with rigid plastic corner clips. Screens come standard with matching color frame.


See what Till said about their Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Couldn't be better

Tech called before arrival and arrived exactly on time. We are very senior and he immediately helped to move a recliner out of the way. Then he literally attacked the job. Removed two window assemblies, cleaned the frames, put new sealant tape in, lightly tapped the new assemblies in, then washed the windows. I think he was complete n 15 minutes. He was very friendly and really explained how the windows failed. He knows his product and he is a master craftsman. For Milgard: This is the second review request. What happened to the first one I submitted??