1stWindows.com Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
1stwindows.com, has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the 1stwindows.com Web site.

The 1stwindows Privacy Statement:
1stwindows strongly believes in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers’ individually identifiable information. Therefore, 1stwindows’s policy, outlined below, explains what information we collect about our customers, how we use the information we collect, how we protect the security and confidentiality of customer information, and what you should do if you have any questions or comments. Our commitment to you is clear: 1stwindows does not sell, license, or rent any individually identifiable information about you to any third party without your consent and will protect the individually identifiable information you provide to us.

General Use of the 1stwindows Site
1stwindows continually seeks to improve the quality of services that it offers to you so that we may better meet your needs. As part of this process, 1stwindows collects information from our customers that is voluntarily provided as well as data regarding your usage of the website. This information is used in the following and other similar ways:

What Type of Information is Collected? 
Depending upon what portion of the website you are in, you may be asked to provide different types of information. You may be asked to provide your name, business name, business address, e-mail address, telephone, and fax number. You may also be asked certain questions about you and your business, which will help 1stwindows better meet your needs on the website and respond to your inquiries on various 1stwindows products and services.

In addition to the above information, 1stwindows also collects information in the form of cookies. A cookie is a small data file that certain websites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that identifies you to the site. But cookies only identify you as a unique, but anonymous, user of the site until you choose to submit information about yourself. 

1stwindows uses cookies as a mechanism for creating a user 'session,' identifying a unique user as he or she moves among pages of the site. Combined with site usage logging, 1stwindows may track user website use patterns, such as whether you click on various links and promotions throughout the site. 1stwindows uses the cookie information to identify you in its database and to track the pages you visit on the 1stwindows site.

A cookie can't read data off your hard disk. 1stwindows cannot read cookie files created by other sites, nor can other sites read information from cookies created by 1stwindows. 

Cookies also enable you to enter various parts of the website as a member without having to log on each time, and to visit member-restricted areas of the 1stwindows website. The use of cookies in combination with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and other encryption technologies allows 1stwindows to offer strongly secured user sessions, enhancing the privacy of your data.

1stwindows Security for Individually Identifiable Information 
1stwindows takes the security of individually identifiable information very seriously. To protect the security of applications and data, 1stwindows's web and database servers are hosted in a secured physical and network environment. Best efforts are made to secure web servers, networks, host operating systems, and databases against unauthorized access. Please remember that the security measures taken above are not foolproof; no website can guarantee that individually identifiable information will be protected in all situations. Therefore 1stwindows can only guarantee that it will take all appropriate industry standard measures to protect the information that you provide to us.

Updating Your Personal Information and Contacting 1stwindows
You can always contact us in order to (i) delete your individually identifiable information from our systems, (ii) update the individually identifiable information that you have provided to us, and (iii) change your preferences with respect to marketing contacts, by emailing us at privacy@1stwindows.com

Changes to the Privacy Policy
1stwindows may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting revisions to our website. Your use of the site constitutes acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy and your continued usage after such changes are posted constitutes acceptance of each revised Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy, please exit the site immediately.