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Keep your old aluminum window frames!

We've received many questions concerning flush fin replacement windows for stucco and wood sided houses. The main question is “Should I keep the old existing aluminum frame?"The answer isYES!

Before and after using flush fin replacement vinyl windows
Before and after using flush fin replacement vinyl windows The existing nail-on window frame is flashed into the stucco paper which waterproofs your house so you want to preserve this bond at all costs. With stucco, water runs through the stucco just like a sponge absorbs water. The water hits the water-proof stucco paper and runs down and away from your house. If you remove the old frame then you remove that flashed in water-tight seal and when water runs down the stucco paper it now has the potential to leak on the top of the new window.

A flush fin window is designed to fit flush on top of the old window frame and when properly installed with a liberal bead of sealant between new and old frames you get a solid, water-tight seal. If you have wall siding it is just as important to leave the existing frame.

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