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Consumer Affairs in Regards to Milgard Windows

WHAT IS ConsumerAffairs.com? ConsumerAffairs.com is a for-profit website that solicits negative consumer reviews for the purpose of charging businesses to control which reviews appear on their website. It is not a government agency or a consumer advocacy group. This is evidenced in numerous ways, the most obvious of which is the headings of brand profile pages where the website uses phrasing such as "Consumer Complaints & Reviews" with the intent to portray brands in a negative light and collect as many negative reviews as possible. Additionally, ConsumerAffairs.com does not publish all of the positive reviews they receive. This business model is often misleading to consumers that have visited the website to research a purchase and/or a company. Over the years, ConsumerAffairs.com has come under a significant amount of legal scrutiny for its business practices. A quick Google search of "is consumeraffairs.com legitimate" will yield many results further shedding light on its practices: www.TruthInAdvertising.org www.SiteJabber.com www.CNSNews.com While the site's overall appearance attempts to look like an neutral consumer review website, there are numerous disclaimers located throughout the site. Many of the questionable practices are disclosed in the website's FAQ section: www.ConsumerAffairs.com/about/FAQ. WHAT IS MILGARD'S POSITION ON ConsumerAffairs.com? In exchange for a monthly fee, ConsumerAffairs.com allows paying businesses control over which reviews appear on the website. These businesses also receive information about individuals that posted the reviews and can suppress negative reviews from the brand's overall rating score. Additionally, the website proactively solicits positive reviews for businesses that pay its fees. Milgard has been approached by representatives of ConsumerAffairs.com in the past and has been offered these services in exchange for a fee. It is our belief these practices are misleading to the consumer and have selected to not engage with ConsumerAffairs.com. WHAT IF A CUSTOMER REFERENCES ConsumerAffairs.com? On the surface ConsumerAffairs.com may look like a legitimate neutral review website and without digging deeper, a consumer may be easily misled. Consumers are savvy. Have them look further into the details of the website and discover how disproportionately negative the reviews are for other strong customer-service brands. Milgard has an excellent reputation, which is reflected throughout the internet. Encourage consumers to look at Milgard on other credible review, social media and discussion forum websites (www.Houzz.com, www.Facebook.com, etc.) and research what the ConsumerAffairs.com site is for themselves. Milgard sells millions of windows and ConsumerAffairs.com only has a few dozen reviews (of what they show) dating back to 2008. There are thousands of reviews about Milgard online, including on Milgard.com, which are overwhelmingly positive. If questioned about ConsumerAffairs.com, have the consumer look further into the website and encourage him/her to look at multiple online sources for reviews. With Milgard's strong overall online reputation, you can confidently help the consumer make a wise and informed purchase decision. Have a question or want more information? Contact your Milgard representative and we will do our best to help. Copyright © 2015 Milgard Windows & Doors, All rights reserved. You are receiving this e-mail because you have provided your e-mail address to a Milgard representative or have registered for the Milgard Dealer Portal. Our mailing address is: Milgard Windows & Doors 355 E. Easy Street, Simi Valley, CA Simi Valley, CA 93065 Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences