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No Low E
CA Title 24 Prescriptive Method
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SunCoatMAX Low E3
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Window Summary


Size: 22 ” x 14 (Rough Opening)

Selected Options:


Glass Thickness: 1/8”

Other Options: Low E

Details for Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Double Awning Window

Low Profile Nesting Folding Handle – Innovative folding operating handles tuck out of the way and give our Tuscany casement and awning windows a sleek, elegant appearance.

  • Low Profile Nesting Folding Handle 1
  • Low Profile Nesting Folding Handle 2

Casement Lock – Smooth, easy-to-operate action.

  • Casement Lock 1
  • Casement Lock 2

Available Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • TanTan

Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Double Awning Window

  • Min Max: Min 1'3" by 1'4" Max 4'6" by 3'0"
  • Fixed Awning Min Max: Min 1'6" by 1'0" Max 6'0" by 6'0"
  • U-Value: 0.31 - 0.33 (Milgard can tailor an energy package to meet energy tax credit requirements.)

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The Warranty is excellent (5/5)

We love the Milgard warranty. Our home is for sale and we are planning on building again. Our new home will have Milgard windows. The service was fantastic. Thanks

By Ellis65 from Washington, WA

May 22, 2015

Outstanding Experience! (5/5)

What can I say? From the initial email requesting service to the repair of our window, the experience was flawless. Everyone involved was knowledgeable and pleasant. The technician was on time and described what he was going to do. Thank you for an outstanding service experience.

By sundayduffer from California, CA

May 22, 2015

Very good all around (5/5)

Thank you for replacing the glides on the main entry door to our home. They were the original rollers and had served well for over 15 years. It only took the technician 20 minutes to remove the old ones, clean out the track, and install new ones and replace the old glide guide. Works almost friction free now and the service was friendly, courteous, and enjoyable. Thank you again.

By Bear1215 from Oregon, OR

May 22, 2015

Things worked out super well. (5/5)

Aaron, who has been helping me set up things on the phone at Milgard has been super helpful. The technicians who have come to my home have been on time and very polite and professional, sorry I can't remember their names, hopefully you can look them up. And I love my beautiful clear new windows. I would totally use Milgard windows again and recommend them to anyone.

By sharic from Utah, UT

May 21, 2015

Refreshing and teriffic (5/5)

Almost made it fun to have a seal fail I don't normally rate any company that high but could find no reason to rate Milgard any less . Bob Sherwood

By Doreen from Oregon, OR

May 21, 2015

The staff/crew have always been wonderful to work with. (5/5)

Todd, did a wonderful job at expediting my glass replacement for the my slider; kept me informed of the process personally by phone, which I really appreciated.

The only reason I gave the quality of service a 4, is because the ordered glass was defective and the install date had to be postpone. Unfortunately, this has happened in previous replacements and can be annoying to reschedule . In this case it was just a couple of days and I was able to move my schedule around to make it work.

By Nick97 from Oregon, OR

May 21, 2015

Prompt, clean and friendly (5/5)

We have contacted Milgard twice in the last year for a problem with windows installed in our home 15 years ago. Their concern was only to make us happy. The windows that needed replacing were replaced by very professional gentlemen. They were also on time and were very pleasant. It is a pleasure to have a company that stands behind their product!

By MVShe from California, CA

May 21, 2015

All around excellent service!! (5/5)

Milgard windows was wonderful to work with from the minute I sent email through the end of servicing repairs. Service tech was on time, friendly & completed repairs very quickly. I would highly recommend Milgard!

By Busymomwithnotimetospare from Oregon, OR

May 21, 2015

Great service (5/5)

The technician was here on time & had the windows done very quickly. Very professional.

By Melvin from California, CA

May 21, 2015

an actual lifetime warranty (5/5)

We had Milgard windows installed 15 years ago, but did not find our receipt. The seal had failed many years ago in 1 window. I filled out the warranty form on the Milgard website on Friday evening and the local service person called me on Monday mid-day. He measured the window, ordered the new glass, and we waited a couple weeks for it to arrive. Once it had arrived, the local service person notified me the day before and let me know once he was finished. Thank you Milgard for an actual lifetime warranty and excellent service people like Greg!

By chandlero from Idaho, ID

May 21, 2015

Quuck, fast, and convenient (5/5)

The balance on my window broke. Called Milguard and they booked me an appointment on my day off. Showed up on time and quickly fixed my window. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

By Zackd from Washington, WA

May 21, 2015

Top notch service! (5/5)

Fantastic company and everyone has been a true pleasure to work with. In time, most products will naturally come with problems..its the service after the sale and Milgard is one of the few last standing that backs that up. Our windows have been in our house for over 7 years and Milgard has stood by their warranty and products. Hats off!

By debbie02 from California, CA

May 21, 2015

Excellent Service. (5/5)

I wish Milgard did installation and screen replacement as well.

By Adrienne from California, CA

May 21, 2015

some initial difficulties, but the in-home tech was great. (4/5)

Took a while for Milgard to contact me after notification from my local window company. Poor phone connection didn't help. The new window pane looks good. I like the product and will use Milgard windows again.

By RDBend from Oregon, OR

May 21, 2015

The technician addressed the problem to my satisfaction. (5/5)

The technician called to let me know that he was on his way which I appreciated. The technician wore booties over his shoes which is great because we don't wear shoes in our house. The technician fixed the window easily and was very careful when taking it apart. Since the windows are new, I asked him to check all of them which he did. They were a little sticky so he addressed that and now they open much more smoothly. Very nice and personable person.

By booboo from Washington, WA

May 20, 2015

Their service is premium! (5/5)

We have Milgard windows in the house bought in 1987. One of the bathroom window seals is compromised so it's built up moisture, and one of the living room window's slide springs was broken. A friend suggested we call Milgard because their products carry a life time warranty. The service representative came within the specified time window. Unfortunately, it looks like the Milgard lifetime warranty didn't start till 1988 :( Nevertheless, the representative fixed the broken spring. I am hoping Milgard will agree to replace the other one at a minimal charge as well.

By PeeGee from California, CA

May 20, 2015

This was a great service (5/5)

Great Service!

By Mom2183 from California, CA

May 20, 2015

Outstanding Warranty & Service (5/5)

Milgard stands by their oustanding warranty. We've been in our home 18 years and they still come within two weeks to replace a broken seal on a window. It's doesn't get any better. I'd absolutely purchase Milgard Windows again and again.

By kenbradio from Washington, WA

May 20, 2015

Very professional (5/5)

The service was great. One phone call to the service rep and I got all the information I needed to submit my request for service. The rep made a couple of phone calls to clarify some issues as to window sizes and locations, and we set the date. The techs arrived on time and quickly and efficiently changed out five windows. One window was over a basement light well and presented a few access issues, but no serious problems. The job was completed and the techs were on their way in about an hour. We couldn't be happier.

By Anonymous from Arizona, AZ

May 20, 2015

Doesn't get much better! Very pleased. (5/5)

We truly didn't think service like this existed anymore and we have to admit we were not only surprised with the service from Milgard but borderline shocked. I have been in retail sales and management for most of my life and can clearly see that Milgard knows how to get it done the right way. From the help we received setting the service up to the amazing and very positive techs that completed the work we couldn't be happier. Job well done!

Thank you, Frank Smith

By TopFuel1 from Arizona, AZ

May 20, 2015

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