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Height   (inches)
Calculation Type
Calculation type
Frame Type
Frame type
Frame Color
Grid Pattern
Breather Tubes
Breather Tubes
Argon Gas
Argon Gas
Glass Type
Low E
Low E
Hardware Options
Crank Handle
Crank Handle
Head and Seat Board
Head and Seat Board

Window Summary


Size: 22 ” x 14 (Rough Opening)

Selected Options:


Glass Thickness: 1/8”

Other Options: Low E

Details for Milgard Ultra 3 Sided 45 degree Bay with Casement End Flankers

Frame Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • SandSand
  • Hunter GreenHunter Green
  • BrownstoneBrownstone

Milgard Ultra 3 Sided 45 degree Bay with Casement End Flankers

  • Bay Picture Min Max: Min 4'0" by 3'0" Max 8'0" by 5'0"
  • U-Value: Varies based on window combination

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Exception service and warrenty (5/5)

We have been very happy with our Milgard windows. Recently when one window was maliciously broken Milgard replaced it. Our warrenty was exceptional. The service rep was on time and very professional. His workmanship was expert. He far surpassed our expectations. We will highly recommend Milgard!

By Meliss from San Bernardino

April 26, 2015

Thank you for supporting your products. (5/5)

While I waited over a month for the appointment, it worked out fine. The technician was helpful, friendly and thorough. Thank you.

By orbituer from Huntington Beach, CA

April 25, 2015

Aways have received great service. (4/5)

This is the first time there was a mix up and the service had to be rescheduled.

FYI - I rarely rate anyone/company as excellent.

By february from Bellevue WA

April 25, 2015

great service (5/5)

Excellent experience. We particularly like the picture of the tech so we knew who was coming.Tech was friendly, quick and obviously knowledgeable.

By dave1950 from Newberg, Oregon

April 25, 2015

Service call (5/5)

The rep that I spoke with on the phone when I initially contacted Milgard was very helpful and arranged my replacement windows promptly.The service technician that came to my home was on time, very quick and efficient with his work and very polite.Overall, a very good experience and I would recommend Milgard's warranty service highly!

By SCS4210 from Greeley, CO, USA

April 24, 2015

Customer support is excellent (5/5)

I had issues with broken springs and tough to open windows. One call did it all. They were prompt, and good at resolving the problem.Very easy to deal with customer service!Milgard, Keep it Up!!!!!

By JaGo from California

April 24, 2015

On time, quick to understand the issue, and resolved it to our satisfaction (5/5)

It turned out the issue was user error: we were having trouble getting a window to lock reliably, and the service tech showed us that because it's above a desk and you have to reach over the desk, it's easy to exert pressure in as well as down when you close it. You have to be very deliberate about pulling straight down on the window and not in. He showed us how the upper and lower parts of the window interlock in the middle, and how they won't interlock properly if the window is pulled in when you slide it down.

So, there was nothing wrong with the window. The service tech was completely understanding and nice, despite having driven a long way just to show us how to close a window.

By NewWindowsInEugene from Eugene, OR, USA

April 24, 2015

Service was top notch! (5/5)

Prompt, thorough, really nice and fixed the issue. Wouldn't have any other kind of windows! The best for sure. Thank you Milgard!

By Kerry from Novato, CA, USA

April 24, 2015

Service was great! (5/5)

My problem was minor, but it was handled efficiently and with a smile.

By MrCA from Indio, CA

April 24, 2015

Excellence in all aspects! (5/5)

I am very pleased with all my dealings with Milgard. Everyone was pleasant, personable, efficient and professional.

Thank you all for your excellent work!

By CMB49 from Tacoma, WA, USA

April 24, 2015

Milgard Stands Behind Their Windows (5/5)

I went online and told Milgard I have a problem with my windows. They promptly responded and sent someone to my home to see if the windows could be repaired. The window technician that came out was professional and had my best interests in mind. Thank You Milgard.

By MaryLouM from Anaheim, CA, USA

April 24, 2015

window warranty work (5/5)

i am so pleased with Milgard's response to my request to address some windows that were sticking when operating them. turned out there was some hardware that needed to be replaced/adjusted. Milgard quickly assessed the situation and replaced/adjusted parts in a very timely and professional manner. best part is, the windows glide now! nicely done.

By elisap from Seattle, WA, USA

April 24, 2015

Awesome service! Great teamwork (5/5)

We are so happy to have our window replaced right on the spot. Both service people arrived within the timeframe, fixed both problems in a quick and professional manner.

By Brilliant from Los Altos, CA

April 24, 2015

The service I received was exceptional (5/5)

Millard service was very professional and every person I talked to were polite and wanted to make sure I was satisfied. I was totally happy with their product and service.Thank you

By Art27 from San Diego, CA

April 24, 2015

Best service and warranty. On time, quick repair and friendly. (5/5)

Best Service. Milgard stands behind their products.

By Iman from Aromas, Ca

April 24, 2015

I'm amazed! (4/5)

I cannot say "thank you" enough for the warranty work Milgard offered me. I am amazed at the level of professionalism from the in-home tech's and their level of helpfulness. They resolved my problem in a timely manner with zero hassle. I have never been so pleased with a company!

By NM111 from Fruit Heights, UT, USA

April 23, 2015



Glen is great!

He always solves Milgard product issues!

You need to clone him!And pay him double!



By CUSTOMER12345 from Rohnert Park, CA, USA

April 23, 2015

Service was great and very quick!! (5/5)

WE have all Milgard windows in our house and service has been great. It was an easy decision to use them when we built our office!! Highly recommend Milgard!!

By Blondie57 from Colfax, CA

April 23, 2015

Satisfied Customer (5/5)

The serviceman was polite and proficient. He fixed my window and was on his way. Thanks Milgard for standing by your guarantee. I am a satisfied customer.

By Lilly777 from Eatonville, WA

April 23, 2015

stands behind thier product (3/5)

I have owned my home 14 years, bought it new and it came with Milgard windows. I was surprised the first time I had to call them at how responsive they were! Always have offered to have a tech come out and trouble shoot. They fix or replace their product if it is not performing as it should.My only negative is the last time I called the service rep ( I've only had to call 4 times in 14 years# I had to insist to have the service tech come out, she didn't offer it and I had to ask, firmly. He gave us advise how to modify the screen#cut it down a bit) because of settling and just checked it out before we did something wrong to it.

By hecca1 from Morgan Hill, CA, USA

April 23, 2015

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