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Window Summary


Size: 22 ” x 14 (Rough Opening)

Selected Options:


Glass Thickness: 1/8”

Other Options: Low E

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Available Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • TanTan


Milgard Tuscany Garden Air Window

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Window replacement due to seal failure (5/5)

Mark, who is the technician, arrived as scheduled and went to work immediately. He was able to replace both windows within an hour, very courteous and extremely neat. I was able to ask him numerous questions about the replacement process and he patiently explained step by step as he performed the work. Needless to say we were suitably impressed with his knowledge and skill. I couldn't imagine purchasing another brand of window other than Milgard. As my dad used to say: "you get what you pay for" and Milgard and their service is the very best.

By Bobthemarineengineer from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Great service, hard to find local service number (5/5)

Just has repair that took over six week to get an appointment. Techs were here on time and quickly fix sliding door wheels and track. This door has never operated this smoothly, WOW

By 1curiouscat from California, CA

May 07, 2015

patio door latch stuck. could not open. service repaired in 2 weeks. (5/5)

Our patio door latch froze so that we couldn't open the door. We called our dealer, Doug Lopez at 1st Windows, in Signal Hill, CA and he informed us that a service tech would have to come out and that we would have to email a formal request to him. Service tech came out 2 wks later replaced the latch. We are pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, and service of everyone from dealer, manufacturing rep, to service tech. We would recommend these windows and doors to anyone.

By jmtt from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Excellent service (5/5)

We had some windows replaced yesterday and the service from start to finish was excellent from who I spoke to on the phone to make the appointment to the men who came in our home to install the windows. Milgard stands by their products and I will definitely use Milgard again in the future.

By KrisJeff from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Service Tech was polite and courteous. (5/5)

After having to re-schedule from the original appointment, the service tech was on-time and fixed the problem.

By Kevin45 from Colorado, CO

May 07, 2015

Prompt and well done. (5/5)

Our kitchen window had become clouded. A call to Milgard and Robert was at our house the following Thursday. He checked the other side of the window, thought it looked good and installed the new side. Kind,courteous, easy going and finished in no time.Well done, Milgard and Robert. We love our Milgard windows throughout our home.

Two Happy Campers

By Jimal from Oregon, OR

May 07, 2015

Glen did a quick and expertly installed replacement window! (5/5)

Glen arrived on time, and was in and out in no time. He was polite and did a great job..

By Shde from California, CA

May 07, 2015

I'd rate ten stars if I could!! (5/5)

My entire experience is beyond belief after original installation some 20 years ago. you stand by your warranty and provide nothing less than excellent service from reporting the problem to having it corrected on time by polite professional service techs. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks for doing business the old fashioned way.

By Dick121 from Nevada, NV

May 07, 2015

Excellent service; very nice technician. (5/5)

We are very happy with the service you performed. The process was very simple from start to finish. Thank you for your warranty support!

By khowald from Oregon, OR

May 07, 2015

Our replacement appointment was quick and efficient. (5/5)

The window was installed 11 years ago. It was slowly getting lines and foggy marks inside. Called Milgard for a replacement. Very efficient, made an appointment on that call, received an e-mail prior to the visit. Come to find out the installer said the window looked like it was defective at installation (crack at upper corner). Very happy with the procedure.

By quiethouse56 from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Fantastic company, fantastic service! (5/5)

Milgard is a great company and your service is extra-ordinary! All our windows are Milgard, and we have lots of windows. When ever I have had a problem with a window, ie. fogging up, I have called you and without hesitation you have sent out a service professional to replace our window at no charge! You schedule appointments in a timely manner, and you keep them. That's why we encourage our friends to buy Milgard windows!

By Luap88 from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Great job! (5/5)

Love Milgard's lifetime warranty, In almost 20 years, this is just the third window to fail. Each one was promptly and professionally replaced.

By Charlie2874 from Washington, WA

May 07, 2015

We love our windows and the service is great! (5/5)

We replaced the windows in our home in 2008. It instantly greatly improved the appearance of our house. Over the last year something has been growing between the panes of three of our windows. When I called to report the issue the only concern you had was how soon you could replace those windows for us. You did so very promptly. The service tech who replaced the windows was very friendly, efficient and professional and was done in about an hour. It is nice to have clear windows to look through again. Thanks you so much for producing a quality product with such an excellent warranty.

By Russ51 from Oregon, OR

May 07, 2015

Really very satisfied with Midgard. Love them love there product (5/5)

I am so impressed with the service the phone calls and updated Millard provided for me it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much

By LB4766 from California, CA

May 07, 2015

Professional and efficient (5/5)

Juan arrived exactly when he said he would. He problem solved and completed the job. We will definitely use Milgard's service again in the near future!

By LibbyLuu from California, CA

May 06, 2015

outstanding service (5/5)

it was a great experience.

By Edsnider75 from California, CA

May 06, 2015

Service was very good. (4/5)

Website was confusing as I needed to report two windows and thought it necessary to open two problem reports. Found out from an email exchange that only one problem report per address was necessary. Repair service and technicians were excellent.

By Roger21 from Oregon, OR

May 06, 2015

From the first call everything went smoothly ! (5/5)

Probably the best customer service we have ever received from any company!

By Indy from Oregon, OR

May 06, 2015

Excellent (5/5)

Showed up on time and install new window. Very courteous and excellent service, thank you.

By Jerold from Washington, WA

May 06, 2015

Fast and well done. (5/5)

I called to inquire about how to clean the inside of the 15 year old widow. Three weeks later Milgard replaced the widow for me. I am very satisfied with all 7 widows and 1 patio door that we had installed 15 years ago. They all still look and operate like new. When we did have this issue Milgard stepped up and fixed it right away.Thank you

By ReednDoll from California, CA

May 06, 2015

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