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Low E
Low E

Window Summary


Size: 22 ” x 14 (Rough Opening)

Selected Options:


Glass Thickness: 1/8”

Other Options: Low E

Details for Milgard Style Line Vinyl Quarter Round Picture Window


Available Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • TanTan

Milgard Style Line Vinyl Quarter Round Picture Window

  • Min Max: Varies based on window combination
  • U-Value: 0.32 - 0.34

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Xavier, Josh, Matt - Exemplary Employees (5/5)

Xavier, Josh, and Matt are a reflection of the Milgard windows we purchased. They were on time, professional, courteous, hard working, thorough explanation of work to be performed and thoroughly detailed on answering any questions we asked. These are the type of work ethics I was raised on, however we very seldom see them any more these days. My wife and I were the contractors on our home, and believe me, we dealt with some of the worst! These employees are fine examples for others to follow. Randy should be proud of these guys and they really deserve recognition saved for the best of the best. They are welcome in our home anytime!God bless

By Lakehouse1 from Texas, TX

May 18, 2015

Excellent (5/5)

On time, even early and efficient. Highly recommend.

By maxmoz from California, CA

May 18, 2015

Perfect (5/5)

Fast, accurate, and free. What's not to like?

By MonteMontgomery from California, CA

May 18, 2015

Milgard is the best. (5/5)

Have to keep this short but sweet. I would buy Milgard windows and doors over any other. The lifetime warranty is incredible and the quality of their dealers and in house service staff is simply the best.

By Sumrland3 from California, CA

May 18, 2015

The Techs were great! (5/5)

While the wait time was considerable for the repair date, the actual repair was great. The tech's Olig and Gary were on time, courteous, and professional. It was a great experience.

By DavidfromFolsom from California, CA

May 18, 2015

Excellent service. (5/5)

Service tech was on time - actually, he was 1/2 an hour early which worked out great for me! He did a professional, clean, and quick repair! Thank you.

By SaltyDog from Oregon, OR

May 18, 2015

got it fixed (5/5)

Came quick, courteous, fixed the problem. left with a smile.

By Wayne518 from Arizona, AZ

May 18, 2015

Great Service (5/5)

The service man was extremely professional and the results of his work was superb. I'm extremely happy with what was done.

By Osatheman from Colorado, CO

May 17, 2015

Trust the company! (5/5)

Glad I invested in Milgard windows because they were there to stand behind their warranty when the seals wore out after 10 years.> Would like if they came to Ft Collins more than once a month.

Thank-you, Kevin Kirsch

By KevinKinCo from Colorado, CO

May 17, 2015

Delay after initial service request, but outstanding service and warranty support after initial issue resolved (5/5)

After one week delay in response to our service request, our request was elevated to a customer service manager that fast-tracked our service request. The technician that came to our home was professional, knowledgeable and identified original installation issue and updated parts to address issues. Repairs required refitting our sliding glass door - the parts were ordered and an additional technician was brought for the removal and installation. Our lock was obsolete and a new lock was installed as part of the warranty work. Our sliding glass door is amazingly smooth (better than original) and the lock is far superior to the original lock. My faith in Milgard is better than ever and I am very happy with our original decision to buy Milgard products!

By CoachB from California, CA

May 16, 2015

What a concept. Lifetime warranty for windows! (4/5)

Our previous home we had to replace windows because the seals had leaked and the windows became foggy, of course replacing the windows were not cheap and it was at our expense. I definitely recommend if replacing or buying windows that you buy Milgard! I had to wait about 3 weeks for them to come out, take out the old window and install the new glass but it was so worth it! Milgard made the process easy, painless and hassle free.

By happyK from Washington, WA

May 16, 2015

Great Service (5/5)

Very good people, and very good product. Your a company that stands behind your product. I recommend Milgard to everybody who asks.

By DanB from California, CA

May 16, 2015

Milgard guys always know exactly what they're doing! (5/5)

One of the LARGEST windows in our new home arrived with a noticeable scratch across it. The problem was made known to the Milgard rep, who had new glass ordered and installed very promptly. Nice now to see the view instead of the scratch! Thank you, Charlie, and your helper!

By Stewdad from Washington, WA

May 16, 2015

Efficient and timely (5/5)

Amazing punctual service, with a top notch crew. Great awareness of cleanliness and professional friendly crew!

By Kaizen from California, CA

May 16, 2015

Excellent service (5/5)

we were 100% pleased with your warranty . Your workers were great from the first contact to the finish ! The service man was prompt, courteous, and professional.

By cedar from Oregon, OR

May 16, 2015

Exceptional service (5/5)

Great windows and exceptional service. Couldn't be happier

By ed25 from Coahuila, CA

May 15, 2015

Perfect! (5/5)

When I called initially I expected to have to argue my case (streaks inside the glass) but was pleasantly surprised that there were no questions asked. Overall response was excellent. You have a great team!

By craigy from Washington, WA

May 15, 2015

Technician Pablo was polite, ON TIME, professional. (5/5)

Great service and prompt completion of removal and new window installation. Pablo was wonderful!

By Charlie1 from California, CA

May 15, 2015

Great experience every time. (5/5)

I've had issues with my windows a few times. I've had a great experience resolving the issues every time.

By Elie from California, CA

May 15, 2015

Excellent service-prompt and satisfied (5/5)

Thank you for the excellent service and taking care of our door needs. We are just waiting for the one handle on the sidelight window on the right side that is being ordered today. The technician called and was even able to come within the hour earlier than originally scheduled. I was glad also for that....I would recommend the Milgard doors or windows to anyone who asks-because we love our french doors and the service has been excellent when we had any issue.We are giving this 5 stars out of 5....Thanks again Milgard!The Brown's.

By christian30 from California, CA

May 15, 2015

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