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Velux Skylights, Sun Tunnels and Roof Window Controls
Velux Skylight, Sun Tunnel and Roof Window Controls

VELUX« Controls bring operation within easy reach with just the touch of a button - regardless of the height, location, or number of VELUX Skylights and Blinds installed. We offer a selection of control options created to suit your particular installation perfectly. Whether you simply want to control one electric Venetian blind installed on a fixed skylight, or one-touch remote operation of multiple skylights and blinds, our Electric Control Systems allow you to enjoy any number of skylights installed at any height without sacrificing convenient operation. No controls are required for the VSE because the VSE includes a pre-installed control system and includes a remote control, but additional remote or keypad is optional.

Keypad WLI 160 for Electrical Blinds - Features a remote-ready design that can be programmed for unit, room or whole-house control. Each of the three switches can operate one blind.


COMBIcontrol WLC 160 for Electrical Blinds - One COMBIcontrol unit powers up to three electrical blinds. Applications with more than three electrical blinds will require one COMBIcontrol unit for every three blinds.


UNIcontrol KES 160 for Electrical Blinds
Operates one electrical blind.

Type ZMT 300 Motorized Rod (left)- 6' to 10' rechargeable battery-operated rod allows motorized control of venting units and manual sun-screening accessories.

Type ZCT 300 Telescopic Rod (middle)- 6' to 10' manual rod control venting units and manual sun-screening accessories with a smooth turning operation.

Type ZCT 100 Rod Extension (right)- Optional 3' extension fits the ZMT 300 and ZCT 300 rod.

Type ZZZ 169 Crank Handle
Handles are available to operate VS
and QVM Skylights in within-reach applications. (Replaces CHL/CHS)


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