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Milgard Aluminum Bow Windows

Bow windows project out beyond the exterior wall to create the illusion of a bigger interior. Typically used as a focal point in more formal rooms, bows are available with casements or single hung flankers for ventilation.

All windows viewed from the exterior
"X" is the moving panel, "O" is the fixed panel

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  • Comes standard with paint grade head and seat board.
  • Bow segments are equal widths.°
  • Eliminates having to frame out the bay or bow with individual windows.
  • Available with Casement or Single Hung flankers for design flexibility.
  • Bow Window Projections: Request framing detail from us
  • Mullion Angles: Bow 13°
  • WINDOWS OVER 40 SQ. FT. may require field glazing;
      verify sizing & glazing costs with us.