Milgard will increase their pricing effective November 1st.

Orders must be completed by Friday October 29th before 1:00 PM.

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Why buy Milgard in Mammoth
1stWindows sells Milgard Windows in Mammoth. With 1stWindows Mammoth you can choose from many different types of frame materials designed to complement almost all types of architecture. Whether you are doing a full home remodel, new construction, or replacement, Milgard has windows and doors should have the shape and size you're looking for.

California Title 24
1stWindows Mammoth will want to verify your Title 24 report with you. It is important that you meet or exceed the requirements that are specified on your plans or the over the counter permit. The energy code is an important aspect of your project.

Breather Tubes
Due to the high altitude you must have breather tubes in every Milgard window and door in Mammoth. These tubes let your windows equalize as they go up the mountain. When breather tubes are inserted and we have Title 24 requirements then sometimes we need to use an extra coating of Low E to make sure you comply with the state energy code.


See what morepress said about their Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Leo & Todd in Sacramento Were Great!

This is the third time Milgard folks have been out to do warranty work in 13+ years and Leo & Todd were by far the best we've ever had. They were patient, they answered questions, they explained what they were doing and why, and much more. Our last two experiences were less than great. One person refused to do the work because the window had shutters on it. Another simply left balancers behind under a dresser. Leo and Todd had no problem with shutters and seemed appreciative of all the prep work we did to move things out of the way for them. Thank you!!!

OGButch 's Milgard windows.       4 out of 5 stars!

Great service

The techs provided great service. They couldn’t guarantee the fixes they made would completely solve my sound issue, but they said their changes plus a few more I needed to make would make a big difference.

r2d2 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!


Marnie 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Excellent all-around service

Prompt, excellent service in replacing a family room door that had experienced a "broken seal."

NikkiV 's Milgard windows.       5 out of 5 stars!

Jose was great! Fast work and very professional

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